Who are we?

Progressive Dynamics Global Limited Company is a not for profit entity dedicated to the technological progression of the human race.

What's in it for us?

Our primary focus is providing the rights to life, liberty, and freedom through technological and scientific advancement.

What are our services though?

We offer the following services: Secure Email (IMAP & SMTP), Secure Chat (SIM/DARTIS & XMPP), an Ark: Survival evolved server (The Verse), a Minecraft Server (The Verse), a World of Warcraft server (The Verse), web torrent downloads and streaming, a tor proxy, and KeyLogging With Secure Web Panel (FreeLogger).

We also offer a free hosted profile and web sandbox. To access profiles and the sandbox click the account link in the menu to the left.

We provide a way to connect with others!

Check Ark: Survival Evolved Server (The Verse)

Check Minecraft Server (The Verse)

Check World of Warcraft (The Verse)

And some miscellanious things on the side!

Check Secure Email (IMAP & SMTP)

Check Secure Chat (SIM/DARTIS & XMPP)

Check Web Torrent Downloading & Streaming

Check TOR Proxy

Check Keylogging with a secure Web Panel

I agree to all terms in the End User License Agreement.

Access or use of (the) data generated by our services constitutes agreement to our EULA.

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