Get more memory! Increase the amount of free RAM on your PC and do more. WinSwap brings the power of linux memory swapping to windows. It's a simple, small, lightweight application(under 2mb!) to make your pc run smoother, and do more.


Stop managing your drug inventory the difficult way! DrugBase is a quick and easy to use database program to keep track of your drug inventory for small to medium sized healthcare centers. Never again wonder when drugs in your inventory are expiring! With drugbase managing your drug inventory is as simple as selecting the data to search by, and typing it into the search box.


Protect your privacy! Secure Interface Module provides a totally secured system for communicating over the internet. Never worry about being spied on again!

FreeLogger READ MORE

Easily keep track of what users do on your hardware! Freelogger is a fully functional key logger for windows computers. Simply build your executable with your username and password and every pc you put freelogger on will have everything typed recorded to our local database, which you can then view on our website.

AutoScape (OSRS-Bot) READ MORE

AutoScape (OSRS-Bot) is a automation tool for OldSchool RuneScape. AutoScape automatically mines ores and chops trees. If's fully configurable, you can select the rock/tree color and the ore/wood color. You can also configure how often to drop the selected item(s), how long to wait between clicks and more!

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