Our Services

Virus Removal

Virus removal by a certified local technician.This generally take 1-3 hours per device.

Starting at: $35/hr

Virus Removal (Remote)

Have a remote technician remove viruses from your computer with your assistance as needed during the removal process. This method of securing your device will normally take 2-4 hours.

Starting at: $40/hr

Custom Hardware Design

Have a certified technician build the perfect computing device to meet your needs AND your budget. We do all the work, and ship the assembled computer(s) to your front door.

Starting at: $400

Hardware Upgrades

Upgrade one or more components in your pc to get even more power out of your existing system.

Starting at: $75/hr

PC Clean-up & Speed-up

Total PC Optimization by a local technician. This generally takes 1-2 hours.

Starting at: $35/hr

PC Clean-up & Speed-up (Remote)

Total PC Optimization remtely. by a pdglobal technician. This generally takes 1-3 hours.

Starting at: $40/hr

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